How does it work for bloggers?

Important Dates

Pre-order opens = 15th of the previous month. (If October box, pre-order opens on 15th of September).
Bloggers receive their kidcrate = 2nd of the month. (The last day to pre-order).
Pre-order closes = 12am SLT on the 3rd of the month. 
Box goes live = 12pm SLT on the 3rd of the month.

Receiving your kidcrate

Once accepted as a blogger you will be added to kidcrate Designers group. On the day before kidcrate goes live, we will be sending out the kidcrate HUD in the group notices for all the bloggers and designers to enjoy (this method may be subject to change as designer pool grows). Simply wear and click your HUD and you'll receive all the items within your kidcrate. 

If you accidentally delete your kidcrate you can find it again within the group notices (all kidcrates are copy, no trans). After thirty days the notice will disappear and if you for whatever reason lose one of your items you can simply IM Izzy (Izzyie.Arado) and she will pass you a replacement copy.

The Rules

Bloggers will be paid in free kidcrate boxes which they will receive the day before everyone else. 

They have two weeks from the day they receive their kidcrate to post a blog post including all the items. They can split this up over multiple blog posts if they like but all the items need to be included in posts on their blog within two weeks. 

If for some reason you realise you can't meet this deadline please let Izzy (Izzyie.Arado) know. If you let us know within the first week after you receive your kidcrate then you won't receive any strikes, if you let us know after that you will receive a strike. If the two weeks go by and you haven't mentioned all the items in that months kidcrate on your blog, you will receive a strike.

After three strikes you will be removed as a blogger and ejected from the group.

Okay - I'm interested!

Yay great!! There is a taxi at the bottom of this page that will take you back to the blogger application if you've clicked off it!

If you have any questions please fill out the short contact form that you can reach from the link at the top of the page. Or IM firstly Izzy (izzyie.arado) or secondly Tiffy (tiffy.serevi).