How does it work for designers?

Important Dates

Pre-order opens = 15th of the previous month. (If October box, pre-order opens on 15th of September).
Set-up deadline = 7 days before the box goes live.
Pre-order closes = 12am SLT on the 3rd of the month. 
Box goes live = 12pm SLT on the 3rd of the month.


1. In our server room, located above our headquarters, you will find a tile with your logo on. 
2. On the tile you will need to rez a single, regular prim box.
3. Rename the prim box with your store name and texture it with your logo.
4. Place your boxed item within the prim.
5. Place a script that will be given to you by us, most likely in a group notice, in the prim as well.
6. All sorted! Your part is done!


The profits will be equally split up between the designers and the organizers. 

For example, to explain this easier, lets say -
The box costs L$550. 
There are 10 designers
Each designer receives L$50 per sale.
This leaves L$50 for the organizers, which will be divided as L$10 for our scripter, and L$20 for Izzy and L$20 for Tiffy.

Depending on the number of designers per box, your percentage of the sale may differ, but it will always be done that the profits are split equally between designers and organizers. 

On the marketplace, SL takes a 5% cut of sales, so this will explain why your share of profits from a marketplace sale will be slightly less than your share from a kiosk sale.

To explain the marketplace sales, lets say -
The box costs L$550.
There are 10 designers.
SL takes a 5% cut leaving a remaining L$522.5 (or L$523)
Each designer will receive L$47.50 (or L$48)
This leaves L$47.50 (or L$48) for the organizers which will be divided as L$9.5 or (L$10) for our scripter, and L$19 for Izzy and L$19 for Tiffy. 

Currently we are charging L$450 at pre-order, this will rise to L$900 after pre-order. The pre-order cost may increase slightly depending on the number of designers in a box. Our limit is 10 designers per box and at most we will be charging L$550. After pre-orders the price of that box will always double.

We want to keep kidcrate affordable and to meet similar costs across the kid market, to encourage more sales. If you have any problems with this or queries please let us know. 

The Designer Pool

To create varied boxes, to be as fair as possible, and to understand the demand of having to create content on a monthly basis, we aim to change the list of participating designers every month. If you would like to be a regular designer this is something you can speak to us about, and it will depend on the size of the designer pool, but we cannot guarantee it. Although it is more likely in the earlier months as we're starting off that designers will feature regularly.

Once accepted as a designer you will be entered in the pool.

Designer selections for each month will  take place two months before the box goes live. This is to give you plenty of time to create. We also don't plan on announcing publicly the designer list until pre-orders for that box open, as this may be subject to change if designers change their mind. 

If you decide you no longer want to be considered as a designer please inform either Izzy (Izzyie.Arado) or Tiffy (Tiffy.Serevi), and you will be removed from the pool (and designer group). 

We cannot guarantee how long it will be before you are chosen but if you feel you have waited a long time please contact us to let us know you are eager to contribute. 

Each month we aim to have a mixture of clothing, furniture, poses and other designers to create a varied box. If we have a lot of clothing designers (for example) in the pool and less furniture designers (for example) you may find that while you (a clothing designer) is waiting to be selected, a furniture designer may be selected twice. This is simply because we want to ensure a varied collection of items within each box. We also welcome designers to decide to create other types of items and if you do please let us know so we can make sure we list you in multiple categories for selection. 

We also aim to include at least one unisex or boys clothing designer every round, to make this box suitable for everyone.
There will be a preference for clothing designers who are able to create a boy version of their design or a unisex design.

Opting to be considered as a replacement

On invitation/application we ask all designers to let us know whether they would like to be considered as a replacement designer if another designer drops out. They will have AT LEAST two weeks notice to design but they must be willing to replace even if they only receive two weeks notice. 

There is no requirement to agree to this and there will be no preference for designers who opt in or out, when it comes to regular selection.

The Rules

First and foremost, all designs created for the kidcrate will be semi-exclusive. You CAN resell your creations in your store and other events after the box has gone live BUT only in other colours or designs, not in the original form it appeared in the kidcrate.

As we are splitting up profits equally we want to ensure equal participation, to keep everyone happy.

If designing group poses they must include three separate poses.
If designing single person poses they must include at least five separate poses.

All texturing must be original work, of high quality and including NO copyrighted designs. 
You MUST include a bebe and TD baby version for every design, if this isn't going to be possible you are welcome to speak to Izzy or Tiffy and try to reach a compromise. 
Preference will be given to designers who can create bebe, TD baby and kid, and tweenster options. Basically the more options the better!

If your design is custom mesh, the following rule does not apply to you.
If your work is NOT custom mesh, you must include either a variety of options/colours or a set of items.

You can use custom or template mesh, animations and textures, we only insist on a high quality of original work.

Must be original work and the amount (whether its a set or a single item) will be discussed with organizers and said designers when they join the designer pool.

Your items MUST be no transfer. If you have any issues with this please IM Izzy or Tiffy and we'll be happy to discuss it.

We aim to give designers two months notice of their participation. We then require set-up to be complete the week before the box goes live. So say it's for the September box, which goes live on the 1st of September, set-up will need to be completed by the 24th of August. This is to allow for time for designers to be late, for organisers to test the system, and for things to not be a last minute panic.

If you won't be able to finish your work in time for your assigned month's box, you must give us AT LEAST two weeks notice before the box goes live, so we can find a replacement. Letting us know later than this will count as a strike.

If you are going to be late for set-up you must let us know BEFORE set-up and give us a date you will be ready by (that is before the box goes live). If you miss set-up WITHOUT letting us know, that counts a strike. If you miss set-up and don't inform us until after the deadline for set-up, this also counts as you not informing us and so will be a strike.

After three strikes you will be evicted from the designer pool and will have to reapply. 

After you have completed your set-up we ask you to send a sneak peek picture of your item to either Izzy or Tiffy for promotion. If you are unable to do this please message one of us to discuss it with us. It isn't essential but if you are unable to do this you must let us know why.

If you are selected and agree to be a participating designer, you must allow us to rez a pre-order kiosk in your store while pre-orders are live for your month (the at most 16 day period). After the pre-orders close you are no longer required to rez the kiosk and you can return this back to Izzy or get us to come pick it up, whatever is easiest.

***As designers will be set up to receive profits from pre-orders as customers buy them, if you, a designer, ends up backing out of that monthly box after pre-orders open, all the profit you have made needs to be returned to Izzyie.Arado for distribution either to the replacement designer or to the other participating designers. We will be able to see how many sales were made and what profit you made and so failure to comply with this will result in immediate blacklist from the event!!***


As stated above, if you are selected as a designer for a round, during the pre-orders for that round you are required to have a kiosk rezzed in your mainstore. The kiosks are 3LI, and come in four different colours. We also have a version on top of boxes that comes to 9LI. What will probably happen is Izzy will come round and rez it then give you temporary mod rights so you can place it suitably in your store. 

Again, any issues with this please let us know, we're happy to discuss everything with the designers and reach compromises if needed :)


An idea we've had which we would like to share with you is the idea of collections. If a designer would like to commit to being a regular designer, and appearing in every monthly mystery box, with their items for each month linked as part of a 'collection' this would be great. This would encourage customers to come back each month so they could complete their collection. 

Of course this is just an idea and not a requirement and again there is no preference for designers willing to do this, if we have a large designer pool we will try to include as many people as possible and be less likely to include collection designers, BUT if the designer pool is smaller, or the designer pool for your category is small, we would be more than happy to accept this.

If you are a collection designer, you will not be required to stick to the theme.


We would like to eventually have themed boxes. As we're just starting out for now the first few boxes WON'T have a theme, but if this is something you'd definitely like to see and you have any suggestions of your own - please let us know!

Okay - I'm interested!

Yay great!! There is a taxi at the bottom of this page that will take you back to the designer application if you've clicked off it!

If you have any questions please fill out the short contact form that you can reach from the link at the top of the page. Or IM firstly Izzy (izzyie.arado) or secondly Tiffy (tiffy.serevi).